12 January 2016

TALK SHOW self titled 1997

Thanks to Jan

R.I.P. Scott Weiland


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Stone Temple Pilots intended to support their third album, Tiny Music, with an extensive tour in the spring of 1996, but their plans were derailed by singer Scott Weiland, who once again succumbed to drug addiction. As Weiland was in rehab, the remaining three Pilots recruited former Ten Inch Men singer Dave Coutts and recorded the material that became the eponymous debut by Talk Show. Unsurprisingly, Talk Show sounds like Stone Temple Pilots circa Tiny Music, only with a different singer. While Dean and Robert DeLeo still display a debt to Led Zeppelin, it's balanced out by an infatuation with shiny glam-pop, which makes Talk Show an easy listen, even if the hooks are a little too busy for their own good. Still, those riffs would be fine if Coutts was as captivating a singer as Weiland, but he's not. He's perfectly competent, but his voice lacks the character of Weiland, which prevents Talk Show from being anything other than a solid, unremarkable hard rock record.


1 Ring Twice 2:50
2 Hello Hello 2:57
3 Everybody Loves My Car 3:14
4 Peeling An Orange 3:34
5 So Long 3:35
6 Wash Me Down 3:46
7 End Of The World 3:32
8 John 3:00
9 Behind 4:16
10 Morning Girl 3:27
11 Hide 3:28
12 Fill The Fields 4:14

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