25 June 2017

EDNASWAP self titled 1995


 Artist Biography by

The nightmares of frontwoman Anne Preven served as the inspiration behind the name of her alternative rock band Ednaswap; also featuring guitarists Rusty Anderson and Scott Cutler, bassist Paul Bushnell and drummer Carla Azar, the group formed in Los Angeles in 1993, soon after recording an acoustic demo that resulted in a deal with the East/West label. Their self-titled debut followed in 1995; Ednaswap's stay at the label was anything but pleasant, however, and when the band returned a year later with the EP Chicken they'd jumped to Island Independent. Wacko Magneto followed in 1997; soon after, singer Natalie Imbruglia scored a major hit with her cover of Ednaswap's "Torn," although the song's success failed to stir up interest in the group's subsequent LP, 1998's Wonderland Park, and so they disbanded in the spring of 1999.


1 This Is A Song 3:21
2 Clown Show 4:35
3 Acrobat 3:36
4 Ted And Joe 3:48
5 Pale 3:13
6 Blown Away 4:26
7 The State I'm In 4:08
8 Therapy 3:46
9 More 4:34
10 Minor Crap 6:07
11 Glow 4:26
12 Torn 4:23
13 The Goodnight Moon 3:23

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