11 June 2017

IMPERIAL DRAG self titled 1996

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Born from the ashes of psychedelic pop geniuses Jellyfish, Imperial Drag released a single eponymous album through the Work Group in 1996. Featuring vocalist and guitarist Eric Dover (fresh off a stint fronting Slash's Snakepit), keyboard player Roger Manning, bassist Joseph Karnes, and drummer Eric Skodis, the band lacked only one critical ingredient to replicate the winning Jellyfish formula: drummer, vocalist, and principal songwriter Andy Sturmer. Furthermore, their unorthodox retro-rock style and brazenly glamorized imaging didn't help matters either, failing to endear the band with the flannel-wearing, grunge-obsessed rock audience of the mid-'90s. Put simply, there was to be no victory of style over substance here, and both band and album soon sank without a trace.


1 Zodiac Sign 3:29
2 Boy Or A Girl 4:05
3 Crosseyed 3:42
4 The Man In The Moon 4:22
5 "Breakfast" By Tiger (Kiss It All Goodbye) 4:22
6 Playboy After Dark 3:09
7 Illuminate 4:52
8 Spyder 4:50
9 Overnight Sensation 4:40
10 The Salvation Army Band 3:58
11 Dandelion 2:50
12 Stare Into The Sun 5:16
13 Scaredy Cats And Egomaniacs 4:56
14 Down With The Man 2:53

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