21 December 2019

THE SPACESHITS Winter Dance Party 1997


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It's pretty easy to imagine what Winter Dance Party sounds like simply by looking at the song titles the Spaceshits choose: between "Backseat Boogie," "At the Drive-In," "Bacon Grease," and "S&M Girl," you can almost hear the frantic, overdriven punk, the rockabilly and beat-rock touches, and the casually inane lyrics. What's surprising is that the Spaceshits do a somewhat impressive job with such an overdone genre, kicking American "beat-punk" bands like the Hi-Fives to the curb -- this is terrifically unbrilliant material, but it delivers the visceral knocks it's meant to deliver. 


1 By My Side 1:15
2 Backseat Boogie 1:46
3 I'm Dead 1:19
4 Cassie 1:33
5 That's The Way 1:06
6 She's Fine 1:13
7 The Raging Sea 1:37
8 More Abuse 2:00
9 Showdown On 3rd St. 1:37
10 At The Drive-In 1:59
11 Gotta Get It Back 1:20
12 Squarehead 1:46
13 Betty Page 1:58
14 S & M Girl 1:30
15 Bacon Grease 2:26

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