16 July 2020

LUXX self titled 1998

by request

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Formed in the late '90s in New York City, Luxx is the combined effort of bassist Tony Fennell, guitarist Ian Hatton, drummer Dave Silver and lead vocalist, Katrina Chester. With a sound that swims back and forth between ska-punk and metal, Luxx released their first self-titled album on Push Records in 1998. A year later they followed up with Hydroponic, released on their own label, an imprint of All-Indie Records.


1 Inside Your Head
2 Invade Me
3 Kiss The Star
4 Flying Too Near The Sun
5 Soul Of Me
6 Will I Burn
7 Secret Garden
8 Fool
9 It's My Party
10 Genius
11 Eulogy
12 My Indian

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