16 July 2020

TRUSTY "Goodbye, Dr. Fate" 1995


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Combining influences ranging from indie rock's original melodies to alternative rock's unique and dazzling references, Trusty's creations distinctly provided the most flammable aspects of the punk rock revival style. Forming in Little Rock, AR, in 1989, Trusty first appeared with a lineup consisting of James Brady (guitar, vocals), Bobby Matthews (guitar, vocals), Paul (bass), and drummer Bircho. During the succeeding months, the band released its first demo and shortly afterward Trusty, the group's first and eponymous debut album. In the following year, bassist Paul left, and was later replaced by Brad Long, formerly a member of Sobering Consequences. In 1992, the crew decided to relocate to Washington, D.C., releasing the single Cockatoo shortly before suffering its second lineup change when drum wizard Bircho abandoned the band and Jim Schaffer filled in the position.
Goodbye Dr. Fate, Trusty's second full-length disc, showed up in 1993, months before the band embarked on its first major tour. Gaining a substantial fan base and capturing their better tunes on-stage, the quartet eventually dedicated the subsequent years to two nationwide tours. Fourth Wise Man, Trusty's second release for the Dischord Records label, hit the record stores in 1996, and in that same year the band made its debut tour in Europe. However, in July 1997, months before entering its third extensive U.S. tour, Trusty announced they were disbanding. In 1999, Brady and Schaffer, along with Norman Mayer Group's Kathy Cashel, decided to assemble a new crew dubbed the Blisters.


1 There Goes Sally 3:58
2 "Goodbye, Dr. Fate" 2:06
3 Joseph And Jennifer 3:14
4 Boy And His Dog 2:39
5 King Snake 3:07
6 Wicked 3:07
7 Honey Mustard 3:25
8 4:30 3:25
9 Shopping List 2:01
10 Serendipity 1:46
11 Kal-el 3:13
12 A Modest Proposal 3:37
13 Wife 1:48
14 The Tale Of The Swazi Pascha And The Tiger 3:59

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