09 October 2010

BATTERSHELL Sunshine in Popopia 1996

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According to Battershell singer/guitarist Tammy Lynn, their sound is a combination of country lyrics with punk music. While this may not be entirely true, the trio (which also includes Jamie R. Baker on bass and vocals, and Charlie Lauth on drums) creates a sound similar to Veruca Salt, but is more challenging and unpredictable. Formed in the mid-'90s in New York City, the band began rehearsing and playing; soon Ng Records became interested in their sweet alterna-pop, and signed the band in 1995. After the release of the EP Beautiful Princess of Spit in the same year, the group began touring the nation (including an appearance at the popular Foundations Forum showcase in 1996) and building their fan base. By January 1997, they had released their full-length debut, Welcome to Popopia, which included some noteworthy guitar playing from Tammy Lynn. Influenced by such guitar greats as Scotty Moore, Johnny Cash, Ace Frehley, and Jimmy Page, Lynn is a solid guitar player in her own right, often coming up with memorable and melodic guitar solos.


1 4 Leaf Clover 3:23
2 Lavender Moses 3:35
3 Bee Song 2:49
4 Say Goodnight To The Cat Named After Mozart 2:09
5 Po's Valentine 3:09
6 Mess 2:04
7 Shower Song 2:57
8 Weed (Dirty Magazine) 3:09
9 Motorcycle Marmalade 2:52
10 Marysville 8:43