06 October 2010

MAMBO TAXI In Love With 1994

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The short-lived all-female combo Mambo Taxi were born out of the U.K. garage rock scene of the early '90s, but their music mixed garage with punk, pop, and dance influences. The first-names-only group consisted of Delia (ex-Cornershop, future Family Way and Baby Birkin) on guitar and vocals, Ella on vocals and guitar, Andrea on keyboards, Lenie on bass, and Karin on drums. (Karin was later replaced by the Voodoo Queens' Anjali.) Mambo Taxi released three singles, 1992's "Prom Queen," 1993's four-song EP "Poems on the Underground," and 1994's "Do You Always Dress Like That?" as well as one album, 1994's In Love with Mambo Taxi, before splintering later that year.


1 Tom
2 Kiss Kiss Kiss
3 Belgian Blues
4 2 Nice Boys
5 Happy Claire
6 (Push That) Pram (Under The Train)
7 Evangelical
8 Screaming In Public
9 Poems On The Underground
10 Reasons To Live
11 Insecure
12 My Room
13 Velvet Youth