03 August 2012

BRATMOBILE / TIGER TRAP Throwaway / Words and Smiles 1992

Some nice Riot Grrrl lo-fi music.


by Mike DaRonco
The good old one-sided 7" -- the stuff that record collectors have a love/hate relationship with. On one hand, they're cheap ("two dollars, do not pay more," as the cover reads) and guaranteed to become a collectible item. On the other hand, the limited wax space leaves enough room for only a song or two. In the case of this split, both Bratmobile and the very-missed Tiger Trap share the A-side and can only provide the listener with two quick, cheaply recorded blips of lighthearted punk. Bratmobile has more of an aggressive sound than their poppier counterparts; their "Throwaway" contribution follows with their usual serving of minimal guitar-drum-vocal combo while substituting the missing bass backing with a "don't get on my bad side" attitude. Tiger Trap ensues a fuller sound that's upbeat but mature at the same time. "Words and Smiles" is another dish of their rainy spring day-sounding formula, which is what makes this band so appealing in the first place.