25 August 2012

RUTH RUTH Laughing Gallery 1995

by request


by John Bush
The punk-pop trio Ruth Ruth came together in 1994, initially playing gigs for free at New York City's Continental nightclub. Their occasional shows became a residency and by the following year, vocalist/bassist Chris Kennedy, guitarist Mike Lustig, and drummer Dave Snyder had signed a record deal with American Recordings. Debut album Laughing Gallery, produced by Ted Nicely (Fugazi, Girls Against Boys), was released in October 1995 and followed by the EP Little Death in 1996. Jumping to RCA, Ruth Ruth resurfaced in 1998 with Are You My Friend?



Adam said...

Love this one! I remember seeing them play in the food court of a shopping mall w/ the band Menthol shortly after this was released... my favorite album of their has to be "Are You My Friend?" ... took a few listens to get into it, but it's been in regular rotation since.

Francis Skillman said...

Link is no longer working can you upload it again ?

IHateThe90s said...