07 July 2014

SPRING HEELED JACK Connecticut Ska 1993

Thanks to Timmy
Rare ska

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Spring Heeled Jack was founded in Connecticut in 1991 by guitarist Ron Ragona and drummer Dave Karich. When the group released their Moon Records debut album, Static World View, in 1996, members included Tyler Jones on trumpet, Chris Rhodes on trombone, Rick Omonte on bass, and second guitarist Mike Pellegrino (both Pelligrino and Ragona split vocal and guitar playing). The band slowly etched its way into the ska underground through constant touring. In 1998, the group, now a septet with the addition of saxophonist Pete Wasilewski, released their sophomore CD, Songs From Suburbia, on Tommy Boy Records. Once again, the group followed it up with extensive national touring that eventually landed them a spot on the 1999 installment of the Warped Tour. Early in 2000 ,drummer Dave Karich decided to call it quits and the band went on permanent hiatus. 


A1 The Running Man (Looking Through The Mirror)
A2 Ruder Than You
A3 Time
A4 Let's Get Together
B1 Do You Want To Dance?
B2 I Can't Get Enough
B3 Freedom
B4 The Eastend Gangster

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