02 July 2014

SWAMP ZOMBIES A Frenzy of Music and Action! 1992

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The late-'80s/early-'90s trio the Swamp Zombies were often compared to the likes of Link Wray and Man or Astro-Man? due to their affinity for penning tunes that merged '60s guitar pop with lounge and alternative rock. Comprised of members T Ray Vogelzang (guitar), Smilin' Dave Warren (drums), and Steeve Jacobs (bass, organ), the Swamp Zombies issued a total of five discs during their career: Chicken Vulture Crow, Fink, Scratch & Sniff Car Crash, Spunk, and Frenzy of Music & Action


Green 1:05
Unemployed 3:17
Oddball 3:34
Three Deep Thinkers 1:24
I Bawled 2:44
Damnedest Thing 2:19
Puerto Angel 4:37
Lemon Girl 2:04
Johnny Quest 2:47
Mountain Man 4:44
Before You Just Do It 4:01
Go Go Boots 3:31
Untitled 1:46
Ballad Of Ed Gein 6:43

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