25 November 2014

BIG HATE self titled 1995

by request
 Thanks to Mark S.

Artist Biography by

The Atlanta alternative band Big Hate was led by singer/guitarist Brian Stanger and his bassist brother Adam, New York natives who formed the group in Florida with drummer Stephan Panas. Upon moving to Georgia, they added guitarist Rusty Cobb; a relentless touring schedule built up their fanbase and also brought Big Hate to the attention of the A&M subsidiary Flip Records, which issued their debut LP You're Soaking in It in 1998.


1 You Don't Look So Tough 3:16
2 Dirt Weed 3:34
3 I Swear 2:52
4 Eden 4:09
5 Simple Things 4:11
6 Tripping In Outerspace 5:24
7 Push You Down 3:26
8 Yeah Sure Right Whatever 4:02
9 Next Time Around 3:39
10 Outspoken 4:31
11 It's Hard 2:23
12 Slow 3:40

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