18 November 2014

THE MURMURS self titled 1994

by request

Artist Biography by

The alternative pop duo the Murmurs comprised singers/songwriters Leisha Hailey and Heather Grody, who began performing together in 1991 while both were students at New York City's American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Debuting with the self-released Who Are We, the Murmurs quickly attracted a cult following on the East Village club circuit, signing to MCA in 1994 and debuting with a self-titled LP which spawned the novelty hit "You Suck." With the release of 1997's Pristine Smut, the formerly acoustic duo added bassist Sheri Ozeki and drummer Sherri Solinger; Blender followed a year later. 


1 Bad Mood 4:02
2 Basically 4:06
3 Wastin Time 3:17
4 Mission 2:52
5 Carry Me Home 3:44
6 Untouchable 2:36
7 You Suck 3:15
8 Neverending 4:25
9 Ticket To Zen 2:48
10 Bumble Bees 3:37
11 All I Need To Know 3:11
12 Beautiful Peace 3:58


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