11 November 2014

GRADE And Such is Progress 1998

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Under the Radar
Toronto hardcore band Grade comprised singer Kyle Bishop, guitarists Greg Taylor and Shawn Magill, bassist Matt Jones and Chris Danner. Issuing their debut EP Separate the Magnets in 1998, the group also earned notoriety opening bands including Fugazi, Jimmy Eat World and the Promise Ring; upon signing to Victory Records, in 1999 Grade issued the single "Triumph and Tragedy," followed later that year by the full-length Under the Radar. Embarrassing Past was issued in fall 2000 as well as a shift in band members. Charles Moniz (drums) and Brad Casarin (guitar) replaced Danner and Taylor in time for a sophomore effort, 2001's Headfirst Straight to Hell


Weave 4:02
Miracle Ear 3:26
CFNY 3:47
Bedhead 4:01
Tearjerk 3:14
Hive 5:02
Pocket Rocket 3:47
And Such Is Progress 6:28

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