28 March 2015

CHISEL Set You Free 1997


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Formed in Washington, D.C., in 1990, Chisel was one of the first revivalist bands of the denim-clad mod/punk movement that would inspire the likes of the Mooney Suzuki and the Delta 72. Under the indomitably energetic songwriting of singer/guitarist Ted Leo, the trio included bassist Chris Norborg and drummer John Dugan.

8 A.M. All Day
Chisel built a strong fan base before they had a sizable discography by touring with a host of popular indie bands -- including Blonde Redhead, Karate, and Fugazi -- through the early '90s. Their first official single releases -- "Sunburn," "Nothing New," "The Guns of Meridian Hill" -- were released on Gern Blandsten records and were critical successes, combining the legendary garage sound of the '60s with Ted Leo's complex, melodic ideas. In 1996, Chisel's debut full-length, 8 A.M. All Day, took these combinations further and solidified their underground cult following. Following the 1997 release of Set You Free (also on Gern Blandsten), Chisel disbanded. 


1 On Warmer Music 3:11
2 All My Kin 4:10
3 It's Alright, You're O.K. 4:06
4 The Mutable Mercury 3:43
5 The Town Crusher 2:45
6 The Unthinkable Is True 3:40
7 River High 4:01
8 Every Is A Good Trip 1:42
9 Do Go On 5:22
10 Privileged & Impotent 2:55
11 Oh Dear Friends 4:00
12 An Amateur Thief 1:46
13 In Our Time 2:21
14 Morley Timmons 3:12
15 The O.T.S. 3:39
16 Rip Off The Gift 1:56
17 The Last Good Time 4:15

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