10 March 2015

SEAMEN Walletchains Backpacks Switchblades and Pepperspray 1995

Thanks to Tom

pop punk from Vancouver, BC (Canada)

IndieU - Stream Liquor Face release located here

Seamen first got attention in 1992 when the tragic murder of their drummer, 16 year old Jesse Cadman, hit the headlines.A difficult start for a group of teens in their first band.The boys decided to keep the band going.Feeling that Jesse would have approved,they moved on ,adding Eddie"Big Beers"Manion on drums and on second guitar ex Subverse member Tommy Luvtoque. Seamen had a good following in the Vancouver "burbs" that soon got them some great shows with The Dayglo Abortions, Gob, Diesel Queens,Tenderloin, and many more. The Liquor Face cd was recorded by the sound guy/manager of the Dayglos Bill Crappelle,and released on good friend Andy Jaks label, Bad Robots. The cd got great reviews and the band was getting better and better shows.The opportunity to record a few songs at Bullfrog Studios resulted in a never released demo tape entitled walletchainsbackpacksswitchbladesn'peppersptray. Seamen fell apart soon after.The reason being, the sterotypical band inner tension, fueled by inflated egos,drugs,jealousy and just a dash of spite. 
1. The Cause of Leonard
2. Evil Stephen
3. Streak
4. Guy I Am
5. Punks On 
6. Why Oh Eh

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