28 March 2015

TALL STORIES self titled 1991

by request

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Hailing from New York City, the band Tall Stories consisted of lead singer Steve Augeri, guitarist Jack Morer, bass player Kevin Totoian, and drummer Tom DeFaria. The band was generally dismissed as another slick, corporate-style rock act and had the misfortune of releasing their self-titled debut as grunge acts were breaking. The ill timing resulted in an album that sank without a trace despite garnering fairly strong support from the fading AOR format. Augeri went on to join Tyketto, but by the late '90s, he had retired from music and was working in the maintenance department for the Gap chain in Manhattan. In 1998, he was tapped to replace Steve Perry as the lead singer for Journey


1 Wild On The Run
2 Chain Of Love
3 Crawling Back
4 Sister Of Mercy
5 Stay With Me
6 Somewhere She Waits
7 World Inside You
8 Restless One
9 Never Enough
10 Close Your Eyes

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