08 August 2015

BRAND NEW UNIT Looking Back Again 1997

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Punk rock band Brand New Unit is comprised of drummer Gabe, guitarist Jinx, vocalist Gary, and bassist Ben. The Canadian outfit started out in Vancouver, where local radio stations and weekly newspapers began to take notice of the group, thanks to live shows in the region. With the release of Diddley Squat, in 1997 by Creative Man, Brand New Unit targeted a larger audience, one that would include the U.S. market. 


1 Looking Back Again
2 No Heroes
3 All For Nothing
4 Have A Nice Life (If Yours Sucks)
5 Kids Game
6 Quickdrawn Richy Rich
7 Psycho Song
8 Under The Big TopDo It For You
9 Do It For You
10 Too Loud For The Library
11 Little Trends
12 The Funny Thing Is, I Know Nothing

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