01 August 2015


Silver Apples of the Moon 
Sounds of the Satellites

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Silver Apples of the Moon
Like their namesake -- the dog rocketed into orbit by the Soviets renowned as the first living creature to exit the earth's atmosphere -- Laika traveled the spaceways, forging a distinct and wildly experimental fusion of hip-hop, jazz, electronica, dub, and Krautrock without earthly precedent. Somewhat of a Too Pure label all-star team comprised of former Moonshake vocalist/programmer Margaret Fiedler and bassist John Frenett, onetime PJ Harvey drummer Rob Ellis, and noted producer Guy Fixsen as well as ex-God percussionist Lou Ciccotelli and saxophonist/flutist Louise Elliott, Laika formed in London during the autumn of 1993; their debut EP, Antenna, appeared the following summer. Silver Apples of the Moon, the group's acclaimed full-length debut, followed in early 1995; after a hiatus, Laika resurfaced with Sounds of the Satellites in early 1997, garnering even greater critical praise. Good Looking Blues appeared in 2000, followed by Wherever I Am I Am What Is Missing in 200 

Silver Apples of the Moon

Sugar Daddy 5:25
Marimba Song 5:15
Let Me Sleep 4:23
Itchy & Scratchy 0:57
Coming Down Glass 4:57
If You Miss 5:19
44 Robbers 4:15
Red River 3:56
Honey In Heat 4:23
Thomas 3:26
Spider Happy Hour 1:40   

Sounds of the Satellites

Prairie Dog 4:55
Breather 7:16
Out Of Sight And Snowblind 5:28
Almost Sleeping 6:55
Starry Night 3:19
Bedbugs 5:53
Martinis On The Moon 1:44
Poor Gal 3:09
Blood+Bones (Moody Mix) 4:37
Shut Off/Curl Up 5:36
Spooky Rhodes 6:17
Dirty Feet+Giggles 6:50


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