15 September 2015

SLIPSTREAM self titled 1995

by request

Artist Biography by

Side Effects
Slipstream was one of the many projects to emerge from the Spacemen 3 drone-rock camp -- singer/guitarist Mark Refoy first appeared on the Spacemen's 1991 finale Recurring, and later co-founded Spirtualized with Jason Pierce. After the completion of the 1992 Spiritualized masterpiece Lazer Guided Melodies, Refoy exited the group to form Slipstream, a more pop-oriented concern also comprising fellow Spiritualized alum Jon Mattock on percussion as well as guitarist Ian Anderson, bassist Steve New and drummer Steve Bes; the group debuted in the summer of 1994 with the single "Sundown," following with a series of seven-inch releases before recording their 1995 self-titled debut. A singles collection, Side Effects, appeared later that same year, and in 1997 Slipstream released their second proper LP, Be Groovy or Leave


1 Harmony 4:17
2 Riverside 3:48
3 Pulsebeat 4:06
4 One Step Ahead 2:52
5 Sensurround 5:25
6 Computer Love 4:43
7 Sweet Mercy 3:36
8 Feel Good Again 3:31
9 Sundown 3:51
10 She Passes By 5:27
11 Feel Good Again 2 3:12
12 Drone In 'A' 4:13

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