23 September 2015

STONE 588 Door In The Dragon's Throat 1995

by request
 Stone 588 was formed in 1992 in Fullerton, California by vocalist Terri Kennedy and guitarist Dave Rhine. The band's existence spanned 15 years and produced 3 cds, and numerous compilation appearances and live shows.

Stone 588's brooding, intense doom-rock sound had roots in the early '80's post-punk era of Killing Joke and Siouxsie and the Banshees, but also employed ethereal, melodic elements. 


Lightning Rails 4:02
Paradise Fields 2:48
Scales Of Justice 2:52
Sunset Abyss 3:40
Ruination 3:24
Icon Bleeds 3:45
Unguarded World 4:13
Stygian Darkness 4:28
Posthumous 2:46
Night Behind The Mind 5:06
Eden Lost 2:39
Poseidon's Grace 3:13
Panacea 5:44
Contrition 2:33
Door In The Dragon's Throat 4:16
Westering Moon 3:31
Eyes Of A Statue 3:12
Sleep Chamber 2:26
Blur Red 2:27
Shards To Sheaths 5:12
Of The Ambush Of God 2:22

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