06 December 2015

SUPERCONDUCTOR Hit Songs for Girls 1993

Thanks to Angelo

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Most of the more metalesque moments on Hit Songs for Girls aren't particularly convincing -- they're chaotic, sludgy, and largely non-punchy, shooting at some sort of big-rock power without delivering the content to back it. The album hits its high points when post-punky guitar constructions and hooks float out of the mix, underpinning speedy riffing with bashing drums and creating the same compelling rush that emo tends toward. 1996's Bastardsong seems to find a better synthesis of these two inclinations, and winds up as a much better -- if much stranger -- record. 


1 Scootin'
2 There Goes Helen
3 For Kelly Freas
4 Nobody's Cutie
5 Thorsen's Eleven
6 Shaved Temple
7 Come On Hot Dog
8 E-Z Bake Oven
9 Lordy
10 I'm Gonna Knock Your Block Off Allstar
11 Feedbackin'
12 Untitled


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