17 December 2015


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The Irish trio the Fat Lady Sings switched labels to Atlantic for their sophomore release Johnson. Produced by Steve Osbourne, the band, led by singer Nick Kelly, manages to straddle the line between immediately catchy, organic pop and their deeper artistic yearnings with good results. Kelly is a gifted lyricist and proves capable of tackling a range of emotions. Johnson kicks off with "Boil" and his angry vocals compliment the seething lyrics. The band, completed by bassist Dermot Lynch and guitarist/keyboardist Tim Bradshaw, help provide engaging sonic backdrops for Kelly's words. The highlights include "Drunkard Logic," a U.K. hit about regret with acoustic guitars and piano, and "Horse Water Wind," featuring gorgeous harmonies and a bed of guitars. Things are bleak at times, but the band does offer some optimism as on the jaunty, unbridled "Stealing a Plane." Johnson proves to be a melodic, articulate treat.


1 Boil 4:48
2 Show Of Myself 5:11
3 Alien 4:22
4 Drunkard Logic 4:19
5 World Exploding Touch 3:56
6 Horse Water Wind 5:50
7 This Guitar 4:44
8 Johnny Sunrise 4:48
9 Stealing A Plane 3:31
10 Colourblind 3:49
11 But 1:52
12 Providence 5:30

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