04 August 2017

MARSHALL CRENSHAW Life's Too Short 1991


Artist Biography by

The pop-minded singer/songwriter Marshall Crenshaw built up an impressive body of work over the course of his career, showing a fine craft for everything he approached while stubbornly following his own creative muse to reach that end. To call Crenshaw's career "interesting" would be putting things mildly. He starred in several movies and portrayed John Lennon in the road-show version of Beatlemania. His songs were featured on several film soundtracks and covered by such diverse artists as Robert Gordon, Bette Midler, Kelly Willis, Marti Jones, and the Gin Blossoms. He assembled a bunch of like-minded show business acquaintances and issued a book about rock & roll movies entitled Hollywood Rock & Roll. He assembled compilations for record companies (most notably Hillbilly Music...Thank God! for the short-lived Bug Music label) and contributed chapters to books on vintage guitar collecting. In short, Crenshaw is a true rock & roll renaissance man, and his own music remains as commendable as his alternate projects. 


1 Better Back Off 4:47
2 Don't Disappear Now 4:11
3 Fantastic Planet Of Love 5:19
4 Delilah 4:07
5 Face Of Fashion 3:56
6 Stop Doing That 4:09
7 Walkin' Around 4:13
8 Starting Tomorrow 4:16
9 Everything's The Truth 3:57
10 Somewhere Down The Line 5:31

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