20 August 2017

MOCKINGBIRDS self titled 1999

by request

Artist Biography by

The power-pop band the Mockingbirds comprised singer Mark Fuqua, guitarist Max Butler, bassist Paul Babiak and drummer Les James. Their self-titled, self-released debut LP initially appeared in 1996; though the subject of much critical acclaim, it quickly went out of print, but was reissued by the Not Lame label in 1999.


1 Hey, Tristessa
2 Baby, You're A Star
3 Angels And Helicopters
4 Porno Star
5 Alfred Hitchcock
6 Submarine
7 Outlaw Song
8 Michael
9 On The Patio
10 Moovy
11 Automatic Girl

Bonus Tracks
12 Dream City Sunshine
13 Freeride
14 Frank Mills

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