28 August 2017

SPOONFED HYBRID self titled 1993

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The Spoonfed Hybrid project sports a number of impressive art-pop pedigrees; the group itself consists of Ian Masters (formerly of Pale Saints) and Chris Trout (of AC Temple), and their self-titled album is one of the first releases on Guernica, an offshoot of Ivo Watts-Russell's seminal 4AD label. The record itself lives up to this lineage, and frequently overshoots it. The duo adds a minimal electronic bent to the flowery dream pop of its predecessors, cutting recklessly between unique and varied sets of instruments (including cellos, harps, tablas, marimbas and loads of electronics). The group's songwriting maintains the hazy dreaminess of 4AD-style pop, but their comparatively clear and minimal arrangement is a big step forward from a genre that occasionally fell into unnecessary density. Without taking too much baggage from that era of music, Spoonfed Hybrid manages to turn out a collection of gorgeous songs in the same vein. 


1 Heaven's Knot 4:05
2 Naturally Occurring Anchors 2:04
3 Tiny Planes 5:21
4 Stolen Clothes 3:22
5 Lynched 4:30
6 1936 5:20
7 Getting Not To Know 5:09
8 Somehow Some Other Life 6:22
9 A Pocketful Of Dust 6:13
10 Ecnalubma 1:43
11 Boys In Zinc 4:02


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