15 January 2018

FINAL One 1994

by request

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Final is the only solo alias among Justin Broadrick's many ongoing projects, which include Godflesh, Ice, Techno Animal and Painkiller. Specializing in malevolent space music of the kind also practiced by Bill Laswell projects on Axiom Dub and Subharmonic, Final began in 1993 with the release of One on Subharmonic. The inevitable 2 followed three years later, while The First Millionth of a Second appeared on Manifold in 1997. Broadrick has also contributed remixes to material by David Kristian


1 Fall 3:30
2 Light Underground/Dark Overground 23:35
3 Awake But Numb 3:46
4 Despotic 8:05
5 Round Our Bodies 7:54
6 Hold Me 3:17
7 Death/Love Dealer 8:10
8 1983-1987 (Edits) 19:30

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