06 January 2018

GNOMES OF ZURICH 33rd Degree Burns 1996

Here's some noise rock from Amphetamine Reptile record label

AllMusic Review by

The debut album from Gnomes of Zurich doesn't try particularly hard to rock out, and it doesn't do so; at the same time, it doesn't try particularly hard to be complex or melodic, and it doesn't achieve this either. The remaining middle ground is a competently written but ultimately an uninspired indie rock sound, which isn't necessarily the worst thing in the world. 33rd Degree Burns is incredibly unlikely to blow anyone's socks off, but it's a fair to middling release from a largely inoffensive band. 


1 About Yay High 3:18
2 Jim Meyer 2:01
3 Big Teeth, Skeletal Face 3:07
4 The Mod In You 2:30
5 John The Baptist 3:17
6 Six Million Dollar Woman 2:39
7 Fresh Foreign Lesion 3:50
8 Bath In Me 3:39
9 Killing An Arhat 3:47
10 Sikc (Sic) 1:52
11 Escape Goat 3:35
12 Huzzah's Good Deed 3:54
13 Q: 'Are Snakes The Devil?' 4:11

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