13 January 2018

RISE ROBOTS RISE self titled 1992


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A strange hybrid of rap, techno, and soul that owes a lot to everyone and everything rather than one specific influence. The performers are mostly anonymous (though various guest vocalists are identified), the cover art is barely more than scribbles, and the lyrics are intent, often furious, delivered in a mix of low-key rap and soulful singing...at the same time. It isn't a rap album, it isn't a techno album...it's different enough to be worth serious attention. 


1 All Sewn Up
2 Buffalo Wack Child
3 Flowers And Birds
4 Get Ready
5 If I Only Knew
6 The Pipe Talks To You
7 The Way We Move
8 Mars
9 Talk Is Cheap
10 Zombie Demons

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