16 February 2020

BOXCAR SATAN Days Before The Flood 1999


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Hailing from San Antonio, TX, Boxcar Satan combine jagged guitar noise, raw blues, free jazz, and no wave sonic wanderlust, simmering the ingredients into a fiery mixture that has earned them a reputation as one of the Lone Star State's most respected underground bands. Boxcar Satan was formed in 1990 by guitarist and vocalist Sanford Allen and bassist Patrick Sane; at the time, both were members of the band Evil Mothers, and the group was simply intended to be a side project that played the occasional show and recorded a few songs for singles or compilation albums. However, after leaving Evil Mothers, Allen and Sane decided to turn Boxcar Satan into a going concern; solidified by the addition of drummer Mike Smith, the group began playing more live shows, and released their first single in 1996. In 1999, the band completed their first album, Days Before the Flood, which was released on the independent Compulsive Records label. Two years later, the band's acclaimed follow-up, Crooked Mile March, was issued by Dogfingers Recordings.


1 !*! 0:42
2 Nag 2:43
3 Devil Times Five 3:21
4 Sterno 3:33
5 Cutting Out 2:52
6 Hatchet For A Honeymoon 4:05
7 Inferno 2:55
8 Snake Oil 3:09
9 Left Ear 4:40
10 Hard Time 4:06
11 Last Legs 2:12
12 Toothache 3:59
13.1 Feast Of The Mau Mau 5:02
13.2 (Silence) 3:03
13.3 I Saw The Light 3:21

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