07 February 2020

CHRIS STAMEY Fireworks 1991

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From his tenures with the Sneakers and the dB's on through to his subsequent solo projects, singer/songwriter Chris Stamey remained a linchpin of the jangle pop renaissance, as well as taking on more adventurous and ambitious projects. He brought the sensibilities of Big Star to new wave pop on the first two albums with the dB's, Stands for Decibels and Repercussion, and added more angular and mature textures to his songs while holding on to their playful melodicism on his 1987 solo effort It's Alright. He took a detour into introspective semi-acoustic pop on a 1991 collaboration with Peter Holsapple, Mavericks, and cut an experimental improv set with guitarist Kirk Ross, 1995's The Robust Beauty of Improper Linear Models in Decision Making. Producing and recording material for other acts dominated Stamey's time for most of the next ten years, but he returned to his own brand of smart and idiosyncratic pop on 2004's Travels in the South, and indulged his passion for his various influences on 2013's Lovesick Blues and 2015's Euphoria. With 2019's New Songs for the 20th Century, Stamey embraced the sounds of mid-century popular music, adding modern accents to richly arranged influences of the past.


1 The Company Of Light 4:07
2 Something Came Over Me 4:38
3 Glorious Delusion 4:11
4 Time Is Running Out 4:02
5 Two Places At Once 4:15
6 Perfect Time 5:31
7 The Newlyweds 3:34
8 On The Radio (For Ray Davies) 4:55
9 All The Heart's Desire / Black Orchids 6:28
10 Fireworks (Still Life #5) 4:15
11 The Brakeman's Consolation 3:17
12 I Want You 3:15
13 You Don't Miss Your Water 3:39

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