18 February 2020

MIDNIGHT OIL The Green Disc 1990

Promo only compilation


Artist Biography by

Head Injuries
Australia's Midnight Oil brought a new sense of political and social immediacy to pop music: not only did incendiary hits like "Beds Are Burning" and "Blue Sky Mine" bring global attention to the plight of, respectively, Australia's indigenous people and working class, but the group also put its money where its mouth was -- in addition to mounting benefit performances for groups like Greenpeace and Save the Whales, frontman Peter Garrett later became a member of the Australian House of Representatives on the Labor ticket. Early on, Midnight Oil's music was rough-hewn hard rock with a punky vibe (this side of the band can be heard on 1979's Head Injuries), while they began taking on more adventurous melodic constructs and angular arrangements that sounded smart without slipping into pretension (their high points in this era were 1983's 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 1984's Red Sails in the Sunset). The group adopted a slightly more accessible approach and more dynamic arrangements with 1987's international hit Diesel and Dust, and they kept up this engaging if less aggressive attack on 1990's Blue Sky Mining and 1993's Earth and Sun and Moon. 2002's Capricornia found them beefing up their sound again before the group went on hiatus, only to return for live work in the 2010s.  


1 King Of The Mountain 3:51
2 Brave Faces 4:46
3 No Time For Games 4:33
4 The Dead Heart (Long Version) 6:07
5 Kosciusko 4:40
6 Don't Wanna Be The One 3:02
7 Power And The Passion (Remix) 6:43
8 No Reaction 2:57
9 Powderworks 5:37
10 Best Of Both Worlds 4:04
11 Beds Are Burning (Tamarama Mix) 8:02
12 Gunbarrel Highway 3:40
13 Hercules 4:28
14 Blue Sky Mine (Food On The Table Mix) 6:34
15 Stand In Line (Live) 5:52

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