05 April 2020

CRABSTICK Stud or Houseboy? 1990

by request
 vinyl only release
indie rock from Sydney, Australia



A1 The Powerful
A2 Those Friends Of Yours
A3 Bob And Weave
A4 The Ballad Of Lee Faust And Di Young
A5 The Rain In The Lane
A6 Slow And Dangerous
A7 Bring Four Elephants To My Door
A8 Crabapple
A9 Cardboard Keg
A10 Evil Town
A11 Crusty Blues
A12 Goodbye
B1 Fatal Hopeless And Chastity
B2 Reany Geia
B3 Return To The Royal Wood (On Bicycle)
B4 Down In The Mouth
B5 The Willing Donkey
B6 Shrine Of Remembrance
B7 A Little Dab'll Do You
B8 Bunny
B9 Tai Hao Le
B10 Feet Will Trip
B11 Dear Barry Letter
B12 Jewel Song From Faust

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