09 April 2020

TODAY IS THE DAY I Bent Scared / Come On Down And Get Saved 7 inch 1993



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Adventurous rock band Today Is the Day summon the doom-struck fury of hardcore, grindcore, and thrash metal while writing and performing with the precision and melodic and rhythmic diversity of progressive and alternative rock. Led by guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and producer Steve Austin, who maintained a long and prolific career, the group won a loyal audience for their challenging work and Austin's fractured guitar work. Making a bold debut with 1994's Supernova, Today Is the Day added keyboards and electronic elements with 1996's Today Is the Day, with samples and loops playing an even larger role on 1999's In the Eyes of God. 2002's Sadness Will Prevail was an epic-scale two-disc release that pushed their moody experimentalism to the edge, while 2004's Kiss the Pig was a severe about-face, a more compact effort with greater physical impact. Working with a major label more than a quarter-century after their debut, Today Is the Day issued No Good to Anyone in 2020 and made it clear they were just as uncompromised as they were from the beginning.  


A I Bent Scared 4:41
B Come On Down And Get Saved 5:07

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