01 November 2010

700 MILES self titled 1993


1 Rachel 4:43
2 Marry Me 4:07
3 Messages 3:57
4 Weighting Down 5:54
5 Cherish This 3:57
6 Let Me Out 3:18
7 The Way It Should Be 3:23
8 Lullaby 5:01
9 The Killing Pain 4:29
10 Watershed 6:10


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chip said...

I saw this band twice during the tour for this CD, neither time in front of more than 20 people. I was pretty convinced that they had "the" sound and were going to make it big. Not sure what happened. John Carlin, 700 Miles' singer, put out a really good solo album (Songs from the Black House) a few years ago. He has since found a niche in the world of "kid" rock and writes and performs songs geared towards the preschool and elementary school aged audience.

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