07 November 2010

CONSOLIDATED Business of Punishment 1994


Consolidated were notable for including in each of their live performances a period of time in which microphones were passed among audience members, who could then discuss, rebut, argue or elaborate upon the topics of Consolidated's songs. Consolidated devised these interactions as a way to subvert the typically passive experience of watching a band perform, empowering the audience members to respond and articulate their own opinions on issues addressed in the song lyrics or even the nature of the performance itself. Consolidated recorded many of these interactions and sampled excerpts of them to be included on their albums. In some cases, these samples were arranged and featured as short interludes between songs, while in other cases they were worked into the sonic collages of the songs themselves (e.g., "Crusading Rap Guys" on the 1991 LP Friendly Fa$cism.)


1 Cutting 5:09
2 Business Of Punishment 5:50
3 Born Of A Woman 4:01
4 Das Habe Ich Nicht Gewusst 5:20
5 No Answer For A Dancer 4:44
6 Meat, Meat, Meat And Meat 0:50
7 Dog + Pony Show 3:42
8 Today Is My Birthday 6:23
9 Butyric Acid 3:53
10 Woman Shoots John 4:35
11 Consolidated Buries The Mammoth 5:47
12 Worthy Victim 5:19
13 Recuperation 2:24
14 Empowerless 7:35
15 Emancipate Yourself 4:52

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