20 November 2010

NEW BAD THINGS Freewheel! 1995

David A. uploads another great band, New Bad Things for you all to check out. When I first heard this, it reminded me a lot of Number One Cup. And I fucking love this! Here's David's review:
The New Bad Things were a Portland band have a sloppy, poppy, lo-fi sound. Released on Candy-Ass records in 1992, this album was their first. They released three more albums on the UK Lissy label, Pop Secret, and a collection of “C-Sides” for Blackbean and Placenta in 1999 before changing their name to “No Bad Things” around 2000.


Chris said...

hey I noticed you've got the noise addict young and jaded ep on your wishlist, I've got a Japanese release of it with the def ep tacked onto it. I could send it to you with a cover scan if you'd like, i also have alot of other good 90's stuff that might be of interest but not completely sure. So I guess email me at sleepwhenyoudie@gmail.com and we could figure something out. I u

Jwil said...

Thanks, wicked intrigued by this

Request-wise, looking for Finding The Perfect Gift by Tinsel, or anything by Spatula, if possible :)

bob said...

great! thanks

IHateThe90s said...


jangohump said...

Hi Chris do u still have the rare noise addict eps or any othe noise addict i only own meet the real you ep and i love it, i would be eternally grateful if you coudld send us a link ive been after these eps for years, my email address is steveholt2006@yahoo.co.uk P.S Love your band on myspace where can i buy a cd in the uk, if not it would be great if you could send me some of your music i have a quite a few contacts in the music industry and may be able to help,


Steven Holt