20 November 2010

FROGPOND Count to Ten 1996

1997 brought Frogpond to Pensacola where they packed Sluggo's so tightly we were all smashed against each other. They rocked the fucking place so much everyone was jumping up and down. The next day my neck and legs were so sore from dancing in my combat boots but it was all worth it.


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Allen said...

This post is the second hit when I searched for "frogpond count to ten". And it was exactly because of the show at Sluggo's in 1997 you're talking about that I was looking for it in the first place. They were friggin' amazing that night. I bought the CD, even reviewed it for the UWF newspaper, but I lost it years ago and have been looking for it off and on for awhile.

Man, that had to have been one of the last shows I ever saw at Sluggo's.

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