31 May 2011

AVOCADO BABY A Million and Nine and Sex and Gum 1995

Thanks to Jon for the up!


A1 Acceleration
A2 Sleeping Bed Big Bag
A3 Pair Of Spoons
A4 Crayoned In
A5 Lipstick Lover
A6 Cold Hands
A7 Letter From Stephen Drennan
A8 Warmthness
A9 Cool Schmool
A10 Caffeine Rush
A11 Sexual Deviant
A12 Running Fast And Drunk
A13 Kitchen Fridge
A14 Bigger
A15 Pung Rock
A16 Squeaking Milk Bottle
A17 Parachute Drop
A18 Carpet Stain Remover
A19 Groovy Shoes
B1 Specifics
B2 Outer Space Lover
B3 The Wonderful World Of Ballet
B4 Dumb And In Love
B5 Choose Day
B6 Telephone Antagonism
B7 Arrogant Cat
B8 3 Way Plastic Love
B9 Jail House Fuck
B10 It's A Celebration
B11 Fizzing
B12 We Like To Do It
B13 International Sex
B14 Spanner
B15 Sad
B16 Permamint
B17 Gnat And Melley Creature
B18 Apologetic Telephone
B19 I Like It Like
B20 Fuck Indian
B21 Greedy
B22 Oh Yeah: Youth Is Dead


Mark said...

Spook! This appears to be the rip I made several years ago using my incredibly pony old turntable, same track edits, bitrates and all. Dang! I was hoping for an upgrade :D

IHateThe90s said...