02 May 2011


Here is some Lincoln, requested by Jim.
Although the picture is of the Hoover/Lincoln split, I'm including everything by the band which I found on another blog. You'll find both of their 7 inchers here as well as an unreleased LP. If you like Lincoln, I recommend Hoover, Floodgate, Car Vs. Driver. So many more to list. I think you'll like them all.


Brian said...

Been looking for this for years....ex girlfirend had it on a mixtape--thanks holmes.

Chris said...

also don't forget Glendale (the WVa Band) who did a split with Lincoln and Cole (NC band with the bassist from Glendale).

i really REALLY loved Hoover.

xtimmyx said...

Nice! I haven't heard the LP yet. Thanks for posting!

IHateThe90s said...