01 May 2011

SYRUP USA All Over the Land 1997

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Self-described "fantasy rockers" Syrup USA formed in Boston in 1994,
All Over the Land
led by former Swirlies singer/guitarist Seana Carmody. Also comprising bassist Sam Mallery, keyboardist Matt Fein and drummer Orrin Anderson, the band spent the next three years honing their distinctive, synth-driven sound, issuing a handful of singles on their own Tru-Luv label before debuting in 1997 with the Flydaddy LP All Over the Land. The group disbanded soon after the album's release.


1 People Of The Lake 4:35
2 Joie De Vol 3:31
3 Thrill Fit 1:53
4 Parfait 3:36
5 Vaporized 6:20
6 New You 4:47
7 Trellis 3:49
8 Queen Of The Beach 3:06
9 Stardust 3:40
10 Rosey Why 3:05
11 Harlequin 5:07


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