18 May 2011

BULKHEAD Plunk 1992

Thanks for the upload, Martin !


1 Vote The Man 3:32
2 Jesus Threw Up A Highway For Me 3:11
3 Mike TV 3:03
4 Two Different Languages 2:49
5 Fall River 3:21
6 Heap 3:18
7 Hot For Tescher 1:14
8 Psychic 3:25
9 A-Dong Market 3:29
10 Kinder 4:03
11 Mortal 4:19
12 Leaves In Virginia 2:29


IHateThe90s said...


fractalpterodactyl said...

Most excellent! Love this band. If anyone snagged Gas Giants from 'Old Fart at Play' before the link died, would you please re-up? I missed out big time!

Tom Devaney said...

Wow, as a founding member of Bulkhead, it always amazes me when entries like this appear on the Internets. If anyone is interested in Bulkhead's music or more info about band, please hit me up.

Tom Devaney said...

For those of you who have inquired about the Boston band Bulkhead, this is your lucky day. Pretty much everything the band recorded and more is now available on Bandcamp!