23 March 2012

LAZY The Lazy Music Group 1996

By request


by Stephen Howell

Guitarist/vocalist Steve Schmoll had been playing around the Cincinnati, OH area since the mid-1980s in bands such as Pink Lady with pre-Brainiac vocalist Tim Taylor. After that group split, Schmoll continued his musical pursuits in local outfits such as Human Zoo and the Tigerlilies. It was around the latter portion of 1991, however, when Schmoll asked his friends Suzann Lynch and Meghan Haas about forming Lazy. Together, the trio released a seven-inch single, a 12-inch single and their full-length debut, Some Assembly Required, all on Roadrunner Records. However, the line-up changed in 1995 when Lynch left, and bassist Kari Murphy stepped in. With Murphy, Lazy released their second album The Lazy Music Group. Poor promotion of the record resulted in poor sales, and as a result, Roadrunner dropped the group. Lazy went on to record two singles for Elastic Records in 1998.

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