31 March 2012

SUGARTOOTH The Sounds of Solid 1997

By request


by Greg Prato
In the wake of Soundgarden's breakthrough success in the '90s, several groups decided to follow in the famed Seattle quartet's footsteps with a similar heavy Sabbath-esque sound. One such band was the trio Sugartooth -- Mark Hutner (vocals, guitar) and Josh Blum (bass) were the group's mainstays, joined by a pair of different drummers (Joey Castillo and Dusty Watson) during their short career. The seeds of the band were planted in the early '90s when Hutner and Blum met each other while fronting separate rock bands in the Southern California area. With grunge sound-alikes getting signed left and right (Candlebox, Paw, Seven Mary Three, etc.), Sugartooth had no problem landing a deal with DGC, who issued the band's self-titled debut in 1994. The album spawned a modest MTV hit with the track "Sold My Fortune," as the group opened shows for such big name acts as Slayer, Supersuckers, Stone Temple Pilots, and their heroes, Soundgarden.


1 Club Foot
2 Booty Street
3 Spiral
4 All For Me
5 Otra Vez
6 Come On In
7 Toothless
8 Harajuana
9 Solid
10 Seven & Seven
11 Frisbee
12 We'd


goldleaf said...

Love the album to bits. Sweet Sabbath riffs and Psychedelic Alt Rock goodness. The drums, though produced using a drum machine, make this record sound really cool!

IBozo said...

Again, thanks for reuploading correctly the awesome debut from this band.
I was asking you, can you please reupload this one too, since the link is broken?

IHateThe90s said...


IBozo said...

thanks man

IHateThe90s said...

Hey!Can someone upload again???Links are dead! Amazing band! I don't know how I didn't stumble upon them back then!Cheers!

IHateThe90s said...