13 March 2012

MEDFIELD MA Journal Entries 1994

By request

"Medfield, MA was mostly five guys from Luebeck Germany (near Hamburg) recording two albums, a few compilation songs and two e.p.s while the last e.p. was never really released due to the band's split in 1998. We loved making music without really being able to do so. We did wonderful support-shows and tours with bands like Moving Targets, Screaming Trees, Bedhead, The La's, A Subtle Plague, the Notwist, etc. all in Germany and a few shows in Denmark. Headliningwise nobody ever really showed up to one of our shows unless we played in our home state...but we had a lot of fun. The band's name came from the first Buffalo Tom record. That is what Bill Janovitz says (http://billjanovitz.blogspot.com/2008/12/cover-of-week-7.html); but he is - at least - a bit exaggerating...I never liked the Stones:)" - Jan

Thanks to Jan for the DL!

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