12 March 2012

SWEET 75 self titled 1997

Upped by El Diablo Con Queso


by Greg Prato

Sweet 75 was ex-Nirvana member Krist Novoselic's first (albeit short-lived) band after Kurt Cobain's 1994 suicide. Novoselic and ex-Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl originally contemplated remaining together and working on a set of songs that Grohl had penned, but ultimately opted to go their separate ways (with Grohl using those songs for the Foo Fighters' first album). In May of 1994, Novoselic's then-wife threw a surprise birthday party for him, and hired a Venezuelan street singer, Yva Las Vegas (who was discovered singing outside Pike Street Market in Seattle), to sing "Happy Birthday" at the bash. But Las Vegas wound up staying the remainder of the party and singing Venezuelan folk songs, which got the singer and Novoselic to talking about possibly working together in the near future. Novoselic planned on producing an album for the singer, but after the two began penning original songs together, both decided to form a group -- with Las Vegas assuming vocal and bass duties, and … » Read more


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