04 April 2012

CROATAN Violent Passion Surrogate 1998

By request


by Alex Henderson

Croatan is a noisy, abrasive, punk influenced alternative rock duo that has enjoyed a small underground following in the '90s. Forceful and dissonant, Croatan's songs weren't meant to appeal to mainstream sensibilities -- its music is strictly for rock's underground. Croatan was formed in Cincinnati, OH in 1992, when singer/guitarist Jenny and drummer Mark (both of whom strictly went by their first names) came together after having played in different Cincinnati bands. Croatan never had a bassist, but between Jenny's screaming vocals and blistering electric guitar and Mark's aggressive drumming, the group has packed a very loud punch. After playing live gigs for six years and putting out some singles, Croatan came to the attention of Man's Ruin Records and recorded its first album, Violent Passion Surrogate, in 1998. Man's Ruin released the album in January 1999. Curse of the Red Queen followed in early 2001.

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