25 April 2012

LIARS INC. Enemy 2000


by Roxanne Blanford
Liars Inc. is a quartet from Los Angeles, CA, which can best be described as having been born of compelling contradictions and obstacles. Lead singer Raile grew up in Hollywood where his mother worked as a stylist to stars who often slept on her living room floor following all-night parties and whom Raile had to step over as he went to school. As he matured, Raile became frustrated, jaded, and disillusioned. He was then encouraged by his longtime friend Robin Diaz to start up a band as a means to lend focus and voice to his profound perceptions. Always the optimist, Diaz's life view created a balance for the more pessimistic Raile. It wasn't long before enigmatic bass player Dillinger and Ray Hartman, an uprooted Scranton, PA, native, came on board to form Liars Inc. Their debut, Superjaded, was released in 1998.


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