04 April 2012

UNCLE WIGGLY Jump Back, Baby 1996

By request


by Greg Prato

The New York City-based trio Uncle Wiggly originally formed in 1989, and consists of members William Berger (guitar and drums), Michael Anzalone (bass and guitar), and James Kavoussi (drums and guitar), with all three sharing vocals. Mixing concise alt-pop tunes with some retro psychedelia straight out of the '60s, Uncle Wiggly issued their debut album, He Went There So Why Don't We Go, a year later on the independent Austrian label Nur Sch Records, before signing on with Shimmy Disc, which issued the trio's next two releases: 1991's Across the Room and Into Your Lap and 1992's There Was an Elk. The trio issued a 12" EP titled Non Stuff in 1995, as well as their fourth full-length release overall, Jump Back, Baby, in 1996.


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